Face Time in the Pacific

by Ljubenka

NYC - Shopping down Fifth Ave

NYC – Shopping down Fifth Ave


NYC - The Flatiron Building

NYC – The Flatiron Building


NYC - My facial at Pacific Touch NYC with a Vitamin C mask on my face

NYC – My facial at Pacific Touch NYC with a Vitamin C mask on my face


As most of you know with my job and career now, I am required to ‘maintain’ myself. To present myself professionally with hair cut and colour up-to-date, lingerie/swimsuit ready and nude or neutral manicure/pedicure to every job. This is work and a part of my job.

In addition to the above, I like to exercise when I can (with two small kids in the picture, there isn’t always the time I’d like unfortunately), get body massages and facials for a better me. Last week I exercised and had a delicious facial. I felt great.

I went shopping in the Flatiron District with a girlfriend and then went and had a 90 minute ‘Pacific Touch Facial’ at Pacific Touch NYC. I was in heaven and as usual, fell asleep.

I try to live my life as holistically as possible and that’s how Nichola Weir approaches her skin care treatments and massage. I love this woman. Believe it or not, I have super-sensitive skin and I can’t use a lot of products and product ranges because my face turns red. It’s a sign that it’s not happy.

Nichola and I discuss what I’m eating, drinking and using on my face to try to pin-point the reason for such sensitivity. I know since falling pregnant the first time, nursing, falling pregnant again and nursing some more, my skin has changed. It is a slow process however, I’m using a lot less product these days and it certainly helps.

What doesn’t help every week is that most days I have a whole range of products and make-up put on my face that I can’t control. I have the make-up artist’s use my own personal Armani liquid foundation that I take on every shoot with me and my own mascara of course… the rest is from their kit. As long as they sterilize their brushes properly and use new sponges (and they all pretty much do), I’m generally O.K.

So if you are after a bit of glamour in your life or day and in New York, you must go see Nichola for some yummy pampering. You won’t be disappointed and will most likely fall asleep as I do, under the spell of her healing hands. Go the glamour!