Say ‘cheese’ to the cowboys

by Ljubenka

Welcome to Milwaukee, WI

Welcome to Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee - This was my view for three hours

Milwaukee – This was my view for three hours

Dallas - Self-portrait once hair & make-up were done

Dallas – Self-portrait once hair & make-up were done

Dallas - Shoes anyone?

Dallas – the shoe department

Dallas - behind the scenes from our set

Dallas – behind the scenes from our set

Airports, airports and more airports this week. Work took me to Milwaukee, Wisconsin (known for its cheese, Harley’s and beer) with another 3.45am wake-up and a 6am flight out of La Guardia airport. It’s not easy for this night-owl to be in bed and asleep by 10pm the night before however, I do try.

My beautiful friend and co-model Marquita Pring and I were on the same flight. As usual, we both slept on the flight and caught-up on some much-needed beauty rest. We were picked-up by a car service our agent had arranged for us and we went straight to the studio. I was first-up in the hair & make-up chair (there were about five of us ladies, all different shapes and sizes)… Yeah baby!

We had a great day, took some lovely shots and headed straight back to the airport for a flight home to New York. I had to wait three hours for my plane so I kept myself busy, as I’ve gotten so used to doing. Marquita and I were happy to be going home and off to sleep after another glamourous day at work.

From the yummy cheese in Wisconsin to the cowboys of Texas, I found out the afternoon before I had to fly out, that I had another job to go to in Dallas and yet another 6am flight out of La Guardia. It’s three-and-a-half hours each way and I slept pretty much the entire journey there. My driver Sam picked me up at Dallas/Fort Worth airport and we headed straight to the studio where I had a full day of work ahead of me.

Hair & make-up didn’t take too long as my client prefers the more natural look. I wore tops, jeans, swimsuits and dresses and yes, I was lingerie/swimsuit ready! It was one shot after another… The crew and I were a machine of lights, flashes, quick wardrobe changes and hair & make-up touch-ups.

At the end of my day, Sam picked me up and took me back to the airport. I spent another three-and-a-half hours on the plane and arrived home late. My sweet family was sound asleep… Just how I left them almost a day ago.

What are some of your travel stories? Do you have any advice to share? Is there glamour to your travel?