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I am a full-figure model and working mother. I am a wife, a sister, a daughter, a friend. I am a Leo. I am a first-generation Aussie and mother to two amazing little native New Yorkers. I believe that fashion is important—but so is real life. I believe that all women are beautiful and strong. I believe in working hard and loving harder. I believe in eating delicious food and drink with close friends, in breathing deep the air of new places, in laughing until you cry. I believe that when our bodies and minds are healthy and balanced, anything is possible.

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Did someone say retail therapy?

There is nothing like some retail therapy to make you feel good. I don’t go shopping often however, when I do I’m in the mood for a few new things.

San Francisco - Union Square

San Francisco – Union Square

I recently returned from San Francisco and after my shoot, I went along to Union Square for some shopping. There were a lot of people from all over the world spending money and taking advantage of one sale or another. Whether it be high-end or mainstream — it was busy!

San Francisco - Saks Fifth Avenue & Tiffany & Co.

San Francisco – Saks Fifth Avenue & Tiffany & Co.

Hotels and retail stores line the Square and the tourists and travelers are everywhere. Did someone say there was an economic crisis going on? You’d never know in San Fran! It was crowded and I persevered — I’m not a huge fan of crowds, ever! As a result, I tend to move through the stores fast. I know what I like and what I’m looking for so off I go.

San Fran - H&M store in Union Square

San Fran – H&M store in Union Square

In H&M I bought a light blue blouse and some clothes for Mila and Levi. A little bit of fun and colour for my babies — coming in to a change of seasons.

H&M store Union Square

H&M store Union Square

At Gap, I bought some basic t-shirts and a navy top — I’m really into blue at the moment and can’t get enough of the colour.

Gap store in Union Square San Fran - Denim America

Gap store in Union Square San Fran – Denim America

At UNIGLO, I bought two pairs of slim, stretchy jeans that I’m loving and wearing right now — they were on sale too!

I’m feeling good about my purchases and I didn’t have to spend a fortune to get a few new pieces I can mix and match with my existing wardrobe.

What have you bought recently that you are loving?

What are some of your favourite retail stores & why?

Do you prefer to shop online or buy directly from the store?

Do you try the clothes on before you buy (when you can)?

It’s been a year!

I cannot believe that I started my blog, ‘Hold the Glamour’ at the end of March last year some 12 months ago. Incredible really! I’ve always documented my life in some way since I can remember and this past year I’ve gone public with it. So friends… Here we are. I can share that I’ve enjoyed the process, learning, growth and support of you all. Thank you very much.

NYC - Garment District (also known as the Fashion Capitol)

NYC – Garment District (also known as the Fashion Capitol)

Last week  I went on a couple of castings in the Garment District – the Fashion Center of New York. Wikipedia explains it best, “The Garment District, also known as the Garment Center, the Fashion District, or the Fashion Center, is a neighborhood located in the Manhattan borough of New York City”.

The District encompasses the area from 6th to 9th Aves – 34th to 42nd roughly. It is a highly concentrated area of manufacturing, fabric design, pattern making, design, couture houses and showrooms.

NYC - The Fashion District Needle & Button at 39th Street & 7th Avenue approximately

NYC – The Fashion District at 39th Street & 7th Avenue

One of my castings was for a bra packaging job and the other, for a big fashion label that specialises in straight-size and plus-size fashion. The views are always spectacular from their 40 odd floors above ground.

There is always so much activity and energy flowing in the Garment District. People are always on the move and rushing off to somewhere. Deadlines are endless and a part of life.

NYC - Fashion Center

NYC – Paying respect to the creativity and hard work of fashion

In both castings, I signed in with my name and agency on a sheet of paper then sat down and waited till I was called. I tried on two bras for the first casting and two outfits for the second.

Photos were taken in the samples supplied by a photographer whilst the ‘panel’ looked over my book, comp card and me in the flesh. There were seven people deciding for the bra job and two for the second job. It always varies from job to job and casting to casting.

Fortunately for me I was successful in both castings! I love a good week. One never knows how a casting will turn out so it’s always refreshing and rewarding when you succeed… Especially when it’s two out of two!

Whilst I was waiting to be seen, I flicked through a magazine that rested on the coffee table in the reception area and came across the quote/saying below. It resonated with me. I hope it does with you too.

NYC - A saying I came across in a magazine whilst waiting for one of my castings

NYC – A saying I came across in a magazine whilst waiting for one of my castings

Have you been to the Garment District or Fashion Center in Manhattan?

Have you ever worked in the neighborhood?

Do you have a quote/saying you love to live by? Share it with me please… I’m all ears.

Black Friday deals

In the United States, the Friday after Thanksgiving is called Black Friday in the retail world. It unofficially kick starts the holiday shopping period and there are some serious deals to be had. I went nuts over the four-day weekend and basically did all my Christmas shopping online, from Friday to Monday. Forget the stores, crowds, traffic and cold/heat duo… I’m an online shopper for sure! It is truly a time efficient option for a busy working mum.

I found great deals on the following sites –


Kitchen and dining, dresses, gifts and bedding

J Crew

Coats and shoes

J Brand

Jeans for me

Serena & Lily

Bedding for all and gifts

7 For All Mankind

Jeans for Steve


Gifts and kids clothes

Gap Kids

Kids clothes


Shoes for all

Hanna Anderson

Kids clothes

Garnet Hill Kids

Kids clothes


Everything else for everyone else…

… To name a few. I love shopping online. It is quick, painless and easy. The online stores really do make it worth your while with free shipping and sometimes up to 50% off in savings.

Some of the retailers gave those that subscribe to their emails a ‘Private Sale’ preview with regular items up to 50% off. I certainly took advantage of these specials and savings. I love a good bargain… Don’t you?

There are some items I simply need to try on before I buy – shoes mostly and clothes of a label I’m new to (to ensure correct fit). Kids clothes and shoes are generally safe, accessories, home wares, home goods etc aren’t a problem.

Now I have to wrap everything and on that note, I best start looking to buy Christmas wrapping paper . At this rate, I’ll be busy for days!

Are you an online shopper or do you still like the personal experience of a retail store?

What are the pros and cons to each shopping experience in your opinion?

Winter madness & holiday glamour

As my new monthly magazine subscriptions of VOGUE, GLAMOUR, Cosmopolitan, REDBOOK and Harper’s BAZAAR start filling up in my mailbox with December issues of holiday fun, glamour and fashion, I begin to notice lots of colour, glitz and glamour everywhere. Red lips and nail polish of every hue and intensity seem to go hand-in-hand with the festivities of the holidays. Big, chunky pieces of jewelry make a bold statement and the ever fabulous clutch is so hot right now.

It is hard to imagine that summer has come and gone, fall/autumn is here and we’ve already had snow in New York (thanks to the Nor’Easter last Wednesday). We’re a little concerned I must say with the winter that lays ahead – is it a sign that it’s going to be brutal? I certainly hope not.

New York - First snow of the season Nov 2012

New York – The first snow of the season Nov 2012

New York - First snow melting for the season

New York – The first snow melts Nov 2012

It’s hard enough getting a family of four out the door at any given time let alone as the temperatures continue to drop. Putting on the layers in a warm and toasty apartment whilst working up a sweat is not fun (for anyone). Our kids are becoming more independent however, it can very frustrating and stressful for all of us to be ready at the same time. Let’s not forget they are four and two years old.

What about the retail stores and restaurants (basically anything inside) and how hot they get? When its freezing outside you weigh up whether its worth bundling up because as soon as you get indoors, its time to peel all the layers off. Then you ask yourself, where do all these layers go? Over your chair? Over your arm? Hardly. It is a challenge no matter how many years one has spent in New York or a similar cold climate. Add a couple of kids in the mix and there you have it! Winter madness.

Teasing us with warmer weather and less layers, these same glossy magazines are predicting the emerging trends for spring 2013. I am so excited by the prints, colour options and sexy sheerness of what lays ahead. I am looking forward to it.

In the meantime, bring on the holidays! I love this time of year and let’s not forget the magic and splendor of Christmas in New York City. There really is nothing like it. The department store Christmas windows, lights, decorations, Rockefeller Centre Christmas tree, music, ice-skating and the chance of snow on Christmas Day make it festive, fun, beautiful and impressive, let alone memorable and celebrated. This year, my family and I have decided to play in the Big Apple for the holidays. Now that Mila and Levi are a little older and aware, we plan to live it up New York style.

What holiday fun and glamour are you looking forward to?

What do the holidays mean to you?

What will you be wearing to the party?

Face Time in the Pacific

NYC - Shopping down Fifth Ave

NYC – Shopping down Fifth Ave


NYC - The Flatiron Building

NYC – The Flatiron Building


NYC - My facial at Pacific Touch NYC with a Vitamin C mask on my face

NYC – My facial at Pacific Touch NYC with a Vitamin C mask on my face


As most of you know with my job and career now, I am required to ‘maintain’ myself. To present myself professionally with hair cut and colour up-to-date, lingerie/swimsuit ready and nude or neutral manicure/pedicure to every job. This is work and a part of my job.

In addition to the above, I like to exercise when I can (with two small kids in the picture, there isn’t always the time I’d like unfortunately), get body massages and facials for a better me. Last week I exercised and had a delicious facial. I felt great.

I went shopping in the Flatiron District with a girlfriend and then went and had a 90 minute ‘Pacific Touch Facial’ at Pacific Touch NYC. I was in heaven and as usual, fell asleep.

I try to live my life as holistically as possible and that’s how Nichola Weir approaches her skin care treatments and massage. I love this woman. Believe it or not, I have super-sensitive skin and I can’t use a lot of products and product ranges because my face turns red. It’s a sign that it’s not happy.

Nichola and I discuss what I’m eating, drinking and using on my face to try to pin-point the reason for such sensitivity. I know since falling pregnant the first time, nursing, falling pregnant again and nursing some more, my skin has changed. It is a slow process however, I’m using a lot less product these days and it certainly helps.

What doesn’t help every week is that most days I have a whole range of products and make-up put on my face that I can’t control. I have the make-up artist’s use my own personal Armani liquid foundation that I take on every shoot with me and my own mascara of course… the rest is from their kit. As long as they sterilize their brushes properly and use new sponges (and they all pretty much do), I’m generally O.K.

So if you are after a bit of glamour in your life or day and in New York, you must go see Nichola for some yummy pampering. You won’t be disappointed and will most likely fall asleep as I do, under the spell of her healing hands. Go the glamour!