All in a deep slumber

by Ljubenka

All in a days work - getting hair & make-up done

All in a days work - getting hair & make-up done

Since my last post, I’ve worked some more here in the city and was actually at work when Steve and Mila returned from their trip. I was basically sprinting home to see them… All three members of my family were in a deep slumber when I came bouncing in. The reunion was oh so sweet!!! We simply couldn’t get enough of one another. It really was… YUM!

We had another roofer come by and look at the repair needed before friends descended and the celebrations of the weekend began. Reality set in when we had to unpack, do loads and loads of laundry and the mundane of family life and the everyday kicked in on Saturday.

Sunday was Easter and the kids were SO excited to see that we had an Easter egg hunt on the agenda and that the Easter bunny had paid a visit. They went nuts! Our friends arrived in time for lunch, a bike ride for the older ladies-of-four whilst the gents-of-two slept. A BBQ had us all in delirium and the day slowly came to halt just before midnight.

Monday brought a reality check if ever there was one (all Monday’s do in my opinion). All the jobs and chores you avoid from Friday lunch if you can, hit at once and it’s all a priority.

Boring however, necessary stuff like a dentist appointment for Mila, tax preparation, invoicing, folding laundry, confirming our contractor for internal leak repairs, chasing the condo board for roof repair approval, banking etc., let alone taking care of our angels (when they want to be of course) every minute along the way, of our day.

Speaking of angels… What a re-entry for Mila and Levi. As much as they lovingly embrace each other and are affectionate, they equally want to lash out and hurt each other. It’s like night and day, hot and cold. What a see-saw of emotion.

Here’s to some glamourous moments in our week… We could all use some!