Hold the Glamour

I am a full-figure model and working mother. I am a wife, a sister, a daughter, a friend. I am a Leo. I am a first-generation Aussie and mother to two amazing little native New Yorkers. I believe that fashion is important—but so is real life. I believe that all women are beautiful and strong. I believe in working hard and loving harder. I believe in eating delicious food and drink with close friends, in breathing deep the air of new places, in laughing until you cry. I believe that when our bodies and minds are healthy and balanced, anything is possible.

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Handy travel tips that make life easier

Since my last post, I’ve traveled out of New York a couple of times to Philly and Little Rock again. This time I got stuck in Little Rock, Arkansas. Funny how I can make it home during one of the biggest storms (Blizzard Nemo) in our area in a hundred years however, I can’t get home because of a thunderstorm.

On Monday early evening I was to fly out of Little Rock to New York, via Chicago. A thunderstorm delayed my outbound flight to Chicago and immediately it threatened my connection to New York. I had the choice to risk it and see what happens, end up in a hotel in Chicago or stay put in Little Rock. I decided to stay put.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to work yesterday however, it messed up my plans I had with Mila for the day as well as a bunch of errands I had to run and packing for my next trip.

Yesterday I woke up at 3.30am and caught a 6am flight out of Little Rock to Chicago where I connected for a flight to La Guardia. It was snowing when I arrived in Chicago. I arrived home around 1pm, approximately 14 hours after I was originally due to arrive. This is not the glamourous side to the business.

Little Rock, AK - My 6am sunrise from the plane

Little Rock, AK – My 6am sunrise from the plane

Chicago - It's snowing when we land

Chicago – It’s snowing when we land

You see I’m at JFK airport right now, awaiting my Qantas flight to Sydney, Australia. I start shooting for Ezibuy on Monday for a week and I’ve finally stopped still for what seems like the first time in days.

The endless preparation that goes on before I leave on big trips such as this one is incredible. The kids, house, me and business keep going on and on. Is it like this for all working mother’s? Is it like this for all people who travel a lot for their occupation? The constant juggling and planning never stops.

I wonder sometimes how I get it all done… I know my amazing husband has a lot to do with it. I am thankful and grateful for Steve who is my true partner in life and love. We are a team. I know I could not do this and have the life I/we have without him.

Anyway, I thought I’d share with you some travel tips that I have found to work for me whether I’m on the road for business or pleasure. If you have any ideas or tips you would like to share – please do so. I’m all ears.

  • Drink plenty of water before, during and after your trip
  • Eat lightly
  • Pack healthy snacks like carrots and nuts in case you get hungry
  • Pack an eye-mask and ear plugs so you can zone out the noise and light and hopefully fall sleep
  • Pack some reading material especially for take-off and landing (no electronics allowed in use at this time)
  • Sleep whenever you can
  • Check and double-check all flight details and your itinerary
  • Ensure you have all travel documents in one, safe and easy place to access
  • Pack a scarf and extra clothes like a cardigan so you can layer – it can get very cold on the plane
  • Wear comfortable clothes

I’m sure I’ll remember other things to add. Stay tuned for more glamourous travel and life moments.

Radio City Rockettes and Magnolia Bakery

Since my last post I’ve been a very busy bee. I’ve traveled and worked in Milwaukee and Minneapolis for most of the week or so in-between. Time escapes me and before I know it, I’m in the here and now and it’s the eve before Thanksgiving. It’s probably the biggest public holiday in the U.S. of A and I am yet to get my head around hosting this traditional event. So here goes…

I did mange to squeeze some family time over the weekend however – I took Mila to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular (The Rockettes in all their glory and precise splendor). It was amazing. We both loved it and it was our first time to the show for both of us. Mila and I both highly recommend it. We had orchestra seats and we saw it all before our eyes. It was fabulous.

NYC - Radio City Christmas Spectacular

NYC – Radio City Christmas Spectacular

The show was truly a spectacular and it was so precise and the dancers were in exact time. Mila, I and the hundreds who saw the show that session simply loved it. We were blown away.

Afterwards, we enjoyed the delicious Magnolia Bakery only blocks from where we were. Mila selected her six favourite cupcakes for her, Levi and our guests due later that day. What can I say other than yum and gone! A must on the New York City circuit. Remember the scenes in Sex and the City? If not, go back and revisit.

NYC - Rockettes Toy Soldier

NYC – Rockettes Toy Soldier routine

The Toy Soldier routine was simply amazing. It took minutes for all of the dancers to fall down gracefully and rhythmically. It was one of the best choreographed routines I’ve seen ever seen and coming from an ex-dancer that’s something! I was left speechless.

Before I know it, six loads of laundry later, whilst frantically packing for my work trip, I hop on a plane from JFK for an almost three-hour flight to work. Once I arrive, I’m then privileged to a wonderful catch-up with Barbara Bricker for a few days. Whilst we were working together, one of the many things we spoke about and discussed at length was Thanksgiving dinner. Barb helped me come up with my menu and traditional dinner fare for the holiday. I was most thankful and grateful. It is my first time hosting the entire event so it was important to get it right. A work in progress I must say as I emailed my darling husband Steve the shopping list.

Minneapolis - Barbara and I

Minneapolis – Barbara and I

Minneapolis -Beri Smithers and the gang

Minneapolis -Beri Smithers and the gang

After we finish our shoot, four of the six models were heading home to New York. We rushed to our cars and headed to the airport. As soon as I got in my car with Beri, I took off my make-up and called home. The picture below is me negotiating with my four and two-year olds to eat their wonderful dinner that our nanny Isabel had made for them. It’s a hard sell.

Beri, who was riding with me in the car starts laughing and takes the picture below. Her words to me were, ” From supermodel to super negotiator”. She is not wrong. Beri Smithers’ too is a supermodel and she was one of the first straight-sized models I ever met when I moved to New York. She is a rock star and I love her so.

Minneapolis - In the car on the way to the airport

Minneapolis – In the car on the way to the airport

I arrive home by midnight and am so tired my eyes are bloodshot. I cannot wait to get to sleep however, it takes me a very long time. I have Thanksgiving dinner to prepare and host and for that, I am geed up! My next installment will be me hosting me first ever Thanksgiving dinner… Success or failure to come!

Stay tuned.

The week that was




Last Monday morning I woke at 3.45am only to discover once I got to La Guardia airport that my flight to Texas had been delayed by TWO HOURS (the crew couldn’t get to our flight on time)… Great!

I slept for most of the journey to Texas with air plugs and eye mask ready, which was almost four hours long. Thankfully, I can sleep on airplanes. When we landed, I grabbed my Starbucks Grande Americano coffee and my driver Sam was waiting for me. He took me straight to the studio where the hair and make-up artist was ready to give me my ‘make-over’.

Lunch was served at 12.30pm. As soon as we ate, it was a quick five-minute touch-up before dressing in my first outfit to start shooting the clothes on the rack for the day. I dressed, was looked over by the stylist to ensure the clothes were looking fabulous for the camera and then when all was good to go, we shot about 50 frames on the front of the garment and approximately 50 frames on the back for all our shots. Most of the shots were head-to-toe whilst the others were thigh/waist-up or waist down (showing no face at all).

My work day ended about 5pm Texas time (6pm NY time). Sam drove me to Whole Foods for a quick shop (an organic/natural supermarket in the U.S. that I love) so I could buy my dinner, breakfast and snacks for the next few days. We also stopped by Walgreen’s so I could buy my many bottles of water for the duration of my stay… I have to stay hydrated and I love to drink water!

I checked-in to my hotel room which was quiet, clean and fitted-out with a small refrigerator and microwave. I basically bunkered down in my room after work. I make an effort to go to the gym or for a swim in the pool if the weather is warm enough, other than that, I stay in my room and make calls, return emails and take care of ‘business’. I don’t watch a lot of TV when at home so it’s a real novelty for me to be able to have it on when away on trips. I also try to get to bed early where possible. At home, I have many distractions to keep me from going to bed early, especially since I’m a night owl and I love the quiet and solitude of night.

The next day, I woke at 7am and had fruit and yoghurt in my room before being picked up at 8am. I bought my coffee on route to the studio every morning… It’s important to me to have a good cup of coffee at some stage of the morning or afternoon. At home, I make Turkish/Yugoslav/Greek coffee – whatever you want to call it. It’s all the same! When I’m away, I don’t have the luxury of making my own so it’s Starbucks.

This routine goes on for the next two days. I manage to catch an earlier flight home on the third day so I get a chance to see Mila & Levi for 45 minutes and read them a story before bedtime. It’s always a special treat for me to see my children after I’ve been away…  I cannot wait to see their little faces filled with joy and excitement. My heart starts racing.

Job number two for the week is in New York – The fitting was scheduled for an hour and I was there for almost four. I sat around on a couch in the studio for most of it. I was shooting a print campaign with seven other models (all straight-sized) the following day and we came in at different times of the day to try on a bunch of clothes to see what was going to fit and look good on us individually and then in a group shot. The stylist didn’t bring enough options and choices for me in my size. The client wanted more than one solid option.

The day of the shoot, I was up at 6am as my call time was 8am. I was asked to bring some tops and jeans from home and the stylist brought a few more clothes from her second trip to Bloomingdale’s. We go with my own clothes which is not typical on a shoot. I ended up sitting around for most of the morning, chatting to the other girls and patiently waiting for my time to hop in the hair & make-up chair. Four of the girls were shot in the morning, the rest of us in the afternoon with group shots taken just before finishing. Our day ended at 6pm with my feet hurting and throbbing from wearing four-inch YSL black Barbie heels for most of the afternoon. Ouch!

It was a good week.




All in a deep slumber

All in a days work - getting hair & make-up done

All in a days work - getting hair & make-up done

Since my last post, I’ve worked some more here in the city and was actually at work when Steve and Mila returned from their trip. I was basically sprinting home to see them… All three members of my family were in a deep slumber when I came bouncing in. The reunion was oh so sweet!!! We simply couldn’t get enough of one another. It really was… YUM!

We had another roofer come by and look at the repair needed before friends descended and the celebrations of the weekend began. Reality set in when we had to unpack, do loads and loads of laundry and the mundane of family life and the everyday kicked in on Saturday.

Sunday was Easter and the kids were SO excited to see that we had an Easter egg hunt on the agenda and that the Easter bunny had paid a visit. They went nuts! Our friends arrived in time for lunch, a bike ride for the older ladies-of-four whilst the gents-of-two slept. A BBQ had us all in delirium and the day slowly came to halt just before midnight.

Monday brought a reality check if ever there was one (all Monday’s do in my opinion). All the jobs and chores you avoid from Friday lunch if you can, hit at once and it’s all a priority.

Boring however, necessary stuff like a dentist appointment for Mila, tax preparation, invoicing, folding laundry, confirming our contractor for internal leak repairs, chasing the condo board for roof repair approval, banking etc., let alone taking care of our angels (when they want to be of course) every minute along the way, of our day.

Speaking of angels… What a re-entry for Mila and Levi. As much as they lovingly embrace each other and are affectionate, they equally want to lash out and hurt each other. It’s like night and day, hot and cold. What a see-saw of emotion.

Here’s to some glamourous moments in our week… We could all use some!