Deliciously satisfied

by Ljubenka

Lunch at Cafe Habana in Nolita, New York

Spring is here! It’s a beautiful day in New York. This morning my family and I went in to SoHo for Mila’s haircut (only her second in her four precious years). She needed it! Her hair was way too long and with summer and swimming coming up, we needed to take care of that situation pronto.

We had lunch at Cafe Habana, one of Steve’s and my favourite eateries in Nolita. The kids loved the signature corn-on-the-cob dish and we all left feeling deliciously satisfied.

This week looked a little like this –

  • a couple more castings & work for me in the city
  • a gym workout or two (never enough time)
  • Mila returns to pre-school after spring break
  • a dentist appointment for Mila & her four-year-old well visit with her pediatrician
  • a hair appointment for me
  • I get waxed
  • Steve returns to work
  • Levi’s gym class
  • Mila’s ballet class
  • Friday night dinner with friends
  • another birthday party for a four-year-old princess
  • Mila stops wearing a nappy/diaper to bed (go Mila & no accidents… yet!)
  • tax preparation for last years return
  • payment of our quarterly taxes

It is late on this Sunday afternoon whilst Steve and the kids are doing some gardening in the courtyard, I’m sitting at our dining table writing my post and I can’t help but think I have to get moving fast as time is running out… I have clothes to fold, dinner, bath and the kid’s bedtime and finally I have to pack my back as I’m heading out-of-town for most of the week on a 6am flight tomorrow morning… TEXAS, here I come! I return towards the end of the week to shoot a print campaign in the city. I have a great week of work ahead and I love it.

There’s nothing glamourous about waking up at 3.45am in the morning, so I better get my glam on!