What is ‘Sizeable’?

by Ljubenka

‘Sizeable’ is a new and interesting website that was created by fashion writer Larissa Thorne, 25, from Melbourne, Australia who was herself frustrated by her own online shopping experience.

The website uses six models all of whom are a different size — interesting right? They all model each piece of clothing allowing the online shopper to get an idea if the style and cut of the garment will suit their body shape and size.

The website launched recently and all six models are friends of Ms. Thorne who have their dress size and measurements posted on the website to help frustrated shoppers simplify their online shopping experience. The models come in all shapes and sizes and are regular women you would find on the street.

Once you get on the website you select your model of choice, then start shopping the looks your model is wearing. You get to visualise yourself in the clothes for your body type before purchasing.

I personally think using models in all shapes and sizes is a brilliant idea! I’m surprised no one has done this sooner, that said, kudos to Ms. Thorne for doing it!

Would you use this site to shop online?

What do you love/dislike about this concept for a website?

What do you think of using ‘regular’ women verses ‘models’ that come in all shapes and sizes?

I’d love to hear your thoughts — don’t be shy! Happy shopping in the meantime!