Mascara, perfume and lip pencils

by Ljubenka

I’d love to share some product favourites I’ve come across of late — I’ve re-discovered L’OREAL Paris Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara after the longest time. It does what it says… it’s a no brainer!

As you know, I love a good lash and if a mascara doesn’t deliver then it’s out. You don’t need to build up the lashes with layers and layers of product that eventually weigh down your lashes.

Whilst in Australia last month, I discovered this soft and feminine scent called Vanitas by Versace. I really love the fragrance as it develops onto the skin. I can hardly smell it after I put it on and the compliments I get surprise me.

Another fabulous product I love is the NARS matte lip pencil. Annette McKenzie uses them all the time and we always get fabulous results.

The lip pencils look matte however, my lips never feel dry. You get the wear without the chapped, dry skin which is a plus.

Have you made any new or exciting product discoveries of late?

What product/s turn you on?

What beauty product do you find difficult to live without?