Fashion darlink!

by Ljubenka

Over the weekend I flew from New York to Sydney. It was a good flight, as long as a 27-hour, door-to-door travel experience goes. It’s a long way people however, worth it at both ends of the journey. I truly believe the more you do it, the more familiar the process becomes therefore, the easier or more bearable the trip becomes. I’ve been making this journey four times a year for almost 11 years. It adds up quickly.

This week, New York Fashion Week commences and simultaneously, Melbourne Spring Fashion week has been making a colourful splash. It is a fashion explosion of fabric, hair, make-up, accessories, music, flashes, people, celebrity and poses.

Already, there are trends for both the northern and southern hemispheres emerging. Colour that is bright, bold and even neon in palette is everywhere. Denim is back and beautiful. Some of my favourite colours include cobalt, teal and coral. Not to forget florals, lace, metallics, prints and the forever favourite of black are hot, hot, hot no matter where your plane is landing.

Speaking of cobalt, I was walking along 23rd Street last week in New York when I looked up and saw at least six people in front of me wearing hues of cobalt. I stared in wonder, laughed and struggled to get my phone out of my bag to take a photo. I was crossing 6th Avenue so it wasn’t particularly safe and sensible of me. As I reached the other side of 6th Ave, half of my cobalt people walked down the subway steps whilst the others continued along 23rd. My photo-op was over. It was a great, random vision of colour.

A that moment, I was reminded what a fashion trend was. When people embrace something that is being sold to them and run with it on mass – no matter what it is. It is a trend. It is fashion.

So get ready as the world of fashion darlink prepares to unleash its power of persuasion and wonder. Stirring up a need inside us to buy, buy, buy. A must have if you will!

What are some of your favourite pieces or trends that are coming off the runways?

What do you simply oppose?

Do you have any predictions to share?