New York rush hour

by Ljubenka

As I got off the ‘E’ train at 42nd Street and 8th Avenue this morning, I walked up one flight of stairs heading toward street level when I discovered hundreds of people swarming underground around me, frantically going somewhere. It was rush hour in New York at it’s best on a Monday morning.

I walked past the MTA ticket machines which were lined up side-by-side on one of the long corridors (there would have been about 10 of them). I couldn’t believe each line had approximately six to eight people, waiting to buy their train tickets. Some were patient and others were not. I had to take a photo.

NYC - 42nd Street and 8th Avenue subway stop

NYC – 42nd Street and 8th Avenue subway stop

Out on street level, the Fashion District was buzzing and humming well and truly. It was 8.30am and the day was still young. People were rushing off in all directions. It’s an amazing sight and experience to say the least. So much activity. It reminded me why I love New York so much – the energy.

I look up at where I am when I get on the street, get my bearings then start walking to the studio. It was my first time at Go Studio (Penthouse). It only recently opened and it was a lovely new white space to work in.

NYC - 39th Street & 8th Avenue

NYC – 39th Street & 8th Avenue

When I walked in, the studio was familiar however, I didn’t know why. Then, someone in the crew mentioned that Project Runway aired an episode two weeks ago where the two teams had a fashion shoot in this same studio. Who would have known? New York is like that – so big however, tightly connected and woven in so many ways.

NYC - GO Studio Penthouse

NYC – Go Studio (Penthouse)

I was about to leave for the day only to discover when I looked out one of the many windows that it was raining hard and fast. I didn’t know it was going to rain today so I didn’t bring an umbrella. I usually try to take notice of the weather reports since it’s New York and anything can happen and change at a moment’s notice. I like to be prepared where possible – I’m on foot most of the time.

The city was wrapped in a veil of haze and mist. It was hot and humid to say the least – the perfect summer storm that washes away all sins and sinners. A chance to start clean and new. I waited out the storm in the studio, happy I didn’t have to walk the streets with a plastic bag over my head (which is what I was going to do before the crew urged me to wait it out). I’m so glad I did. It was a beauty!

After an hour, the rain had stopped and I left for the subway again, dodging puddles along the way.

NYC - Summer storm

NYC – Summer storm