There’s a new skyscraper in town – One World Trade Center

by Ljubenka

NYC - On my way to work listening to Snow Patrol

NYC – On my way to work listening to Snow Patrol

The other day I was walking to work (to shoot for a catalogue client) from the subway. It was so hot and humid already – I felt like I was about to melt. I was rushing to get out of the heat – put it this way, when I left home my hair was wet and by the time I arrived at the studio, my hair was basically dry. With the amount of hair I have it takes a long time for it to dry naturally. It has been one of the hottest summers I can remember in New York and most people I talk to would agree.

It appeared to be just another summers day in the city, to most of us New Yorker’s anyway. We go about our business like most other city or urban dwellers, rushing from point A to point B. The only people I see that are somewhat relaxed and taking it nice and slow are the tourists who have come to the Big Apple for their summer holidays. I can spot the tourists from a mile away – it is rather incredible really. I sometimes wish, I could be more like them in my own city – where I live, work and play without the need or desire to rush and hurry.

NYC - On the corner of Hudson and Canal Streets

NYC – On the corner of Hudson and Canal Streets

The studio has an amazing view and the building is located on the corner of Hudson and Canal Streets. It’s on the top floor so we have panoramic views of the city spread out before us.

Once I was done with hair & make-up, I looked out the massive wrap around windows and saw the view below. I asked someone what the large building was in the centre. I was told it was One World Trade Center or 1 WTC (previously known as The Freedom Tower). I couldn’t believe how much of it was erected – all of a sudden it seemed. I was informed that as it stands now, 1 WTC is the tallest building in New York City and will finish up at 1776 feet (541 m) and will be 82 stories high. Now that’s a nose bleed!

NYC - The view from the studio

NYC – The view from the studio

I haven’t been to 1 WTC in a long time so I’m not surprised by the transformation of the site. It has after all, been six years since work commenced. I’m simply not used to seeing the Skyscraper so prominently in the city’s skyline. It seems odd and foreign however, beautiful and sleek. I wonder when it will become familiar? I wonder what the new World Trade Center will look like when completed?  It’s hard to really know until you experience it personally. From what I can see and read online and in the news, it will become an integral part of lower Manhattan and certainly of New York and what the city represents – an international city on so many levels where the people have become one and unified.

NYC - The Freedom Tower

NYC – One Word Trade Center or 1 WTC

What do you think of One World Trade Center?

Have you seen it, been there?

Are you looking forward to its completion in 2014?

What does it mean to you?