Saxon + Parole

by Ljubenka

Yesterday I met a friend at this very cool and chic place called Saxon + Parole on Bowery Street, New York City.

It was my first time there and I was pleasantly surprised to see something rather different and interesting as far as a bar/restaurant goes, especially after spending so many years in this great city. Everyone is trying to stand out, get noticed and be original.

NYC - Saxon + Parole Bloody Mary bar

Saxon + Parole Bloody Mary Bar

On display was this extensive Bloody Mary Bar — more ingredients that I’ve ever seen for the drink. You get to customise your own cocktail. Pure genius as you become part of the process.

NYC - Cocktail Cabinet Program

Cocktail Cabinet Program

I’ve never seen a Cocktail Cabinet such as the one I saw yesterday. The bartender Maxim explains the small bottles are filled with customised cocktails which are kept under lock-and-key for its members.

NYC - Personalised Cocktail bottles

Personalised Cocktail bottles

The members pay $75 a month for the privilege and each bottle contains approximately 15.5 ounces or 460 millimeters. That’s roughly 5-7 drinks.

For the monthly charge, your name and cocktail is written on your personalised bottle. You get immediate service upon your arrival and you can even nominate friends to drink your poison, even if you aren’t present. They are very serious about their cocktails.

Saxon + Parole bar

Saxon + Parole bar

The bar is big and vast. As we were leaving around dusk, it started to fill up very quickly. The noise level increased too. It seems to be many a New Yorker’s favourite watering hole.

Saxon + Parole dining area

Saxon + Parole dining area

The restaurant closes between 3-5.30pm, which is precisely when my friend and I were there. We enjoyed the quieter and calmer time of the day. We were able to enjoy a cocktail or two, chat and catch-up without too much going on around us.

Have you ever been to Saxon + Parole? If so, what are your thoughts?

Is there another bar you’ve visited somewhere in the world which has a similar concept? Perhaps a completely original one?

Would you enjoy the Bloody Mary Bar or become a member of the customised Cocktail Cabinet Program?