The airline lounge experience

by Ljubenka

Why are airline club lounges more crowded than the general airport? I’m currently sitting in the Air New Zealand lounge in Sydney awaiting my flight to the US and there are people everywhere. It is bursting with activity. I head to the farthest end and find a seat looking out at the tarmac.

Sydney - Air New Zealand club lounge

There are travelers from all over the world and the lounge is busy with phone calls, laptops, conversations regarding business and the well-deserved holiday.

Generally, to gain entry into one of these lounges you either have to pay for an annual membership (where applicable) or travel enough like I do that you automatically get access because of your status with the airline or group.

The passengers descend upon the complimentary food and beverages like it’s the last meal on earth. It doesn’t appear very attractive or civilised really. I laugh when I see the notion of ‘free’ or ‘complimentary’ enter the human psyche. It’s like a feeding frenzy!

The lounges generally provide the comfort and services the airport doesn’t. From nice sofas/chairs and furnishings, to free Wi-Fi and power points/plugs everywhere to name a few (so travelers can charge their electronic devices whilst using them). I personally have two devices that need power top-ups when I travel like this.

I’ve spotted many a celebrity or personality at an airline lounge. The last was Ivanka Trump in New York recently. She was eating olives and sipping white wine. I wonder who I’ll see next?

What is the best airline lounge experience you’ve had?

What made it a great experience?

What can you recommend to the airlines to improve their service or experience?