Best make-up products according to Kelley Quan

by Ljubenka

I approached my dear friend and hair/beauty expert Kelley Quan for this weeks post. I want to share with you some of her favourite products on the market. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed and it should give you an insider’s view of what the professionals are using, loving and why. You will want to go out and buy these products right away!


ME (L): Kelley, let’s start at the beginning – what in your opinion is the best primer and why?

Kelley (K): The most AMAZING PRIMER EVER has to be Miracle Blur. It corrects the texture, hides flaws and is also a sunblock so it’s great for outside. It just works so well for everyone especially those with less than perfect complexions.

L: You put me onto this product and I love it! I use it most days I’m stepping outside. It’s a personal favourite of mine too and I can highly recommend it.


L: Now, let’s talk about eyes and how to enhance them best.

K: For an eyeshadow I must have: Smashbox’s Limitless 15 Hour Wear Cream Shadows in Stone and Quartz. I love this formula for long wear and clean colour. The two colours are staples in my kit because I can use them on anyone with beautiful results. Really universal colours.

I use them alone for a sheer finish or as an under-base for eyeshadow if I need the shadow to really last like for a red carpet event etc.


L: What about lips Kelley? You have to have some great brands and colours in your kit.

K: I ADORE NARS Matte Velvet matte lip pencils. The finish is really soft and while matte they never look or feel dry. My favorite colours are: for an orangey red that looks amazing on almost everyone is Red Square and for a blush/nude I love Belle Du Jour and Bettina. The best fresh spring colour is Calliope – it’s the happiest colour for everyone!


L: I notice you love to use a cream on cheeks – who do you love? 

K: I love this cheek cream: Kevyn Aucoin’s Creamy Moist Glow in Isadore. It’s a beautiful shade that goes on smoothly and yet has enough pigment to be worn alone or  layered.

I am also a big fan of the Kevyn Aucoin Skin enhancers. These tiny pots are so concentrated you only need a teeny bit to do a lot. I mix mine with some lotion if I want a sheer finish or if I need some more coverage I can layer it right from the pot. Love the shades and it feels nice on the skin.


L: I have a serious thing for mascaras and I am always searching for a great one. I am lash obsessed! 

K: I am not a beauty snob and sometimes, it is sheer practicality that dictates what products I use often. For example, because I need to throw my mascaras away about every two weeks or so because I just work so much and worry about contamination, even though I am super careful, you just can’t take the chance. I tend to use drug store/pharmacy mascaras on my models. Here are my top three:

1. Voluminous False Fiber Lashes™ Mascara. If I want that full lush lash look and need to bulk up the lashes, I use this mascara. It won’t flake and it’s a nice formula.

L: I too love this mascara! Thanks for reminding me of it – I need to buy a new one come to think of it.

2. Tried and true every time is Voluminous Carbon Black mascara. Works well every time. It’s my go to mascara.

3. If I am splurging I’ll go for TARTE cosmetics: Lights, Camera, Lashes. It’s a really great mascara and it has a great formula that stays put but comes off easy with remover.

BEAUTY NOTE: With ALL my mascaras, I apply using my Patent pending (not released yet) Mascara Wand which will give an amazingly strong lash line and feathery lashes without bulk or making the lashes look unnatural. It’s my secret weapon for lush lashes!


L: What about other fabulous products that deserve a Kelley Quan mention?

K: My Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics are –

Lip Tar: I love this super pigmented lip colour because it is vegan and paraben free. No bad stuff in these products. Some of my favorite colours are Pale Tangerine, Narcissus and  Annika.

L: I love the vegan and paraben free stuff. I try and use as many of the organic/natural products personally, as I can. With work, I don’t have much of say unfortunately.

MAC Cosmetics Paints: I love these little pots of colour. I use them alone or under shadow. I love the shades Bare Canvas, Still Life and Sublime Nature.

L: I have to agree with these little pots of colour. I love them and they last forever.


Do you have any great make-up products to share?

To ask Kelley or myself about?

Next time, I’ll ask Kelley about hair products that you should know about.