I don’t want to know the details of Sandy Hook Elementary

by Ljubenka

I haven’t turned the TV on, read a newspaper, read the news online or listened to the radio or the like since Friday… When a man massacred innocent souls, namely children at an elementary school in Connecticut. All were too young to endure such a tragic and bitter end to their sweet lives. Let alone the adults/teachers who tried to save them.

I am tearing up and crying whilst I write this post… I don’t want to know the details as it is too difficult for me to listen to or read, to comprehend or to imagine. I immediately put myself and my children in the distorted and evil picture. I cannot help it… I’m a parent and mother.

My mother-in-law called on Friday afternoon. I thought she had a cold. She proceeds to tell me that all over Australian television was the slaughter of children and some of their teachers who desperately tried to save them at Sandy Hook Elementary, Newtown Connecticut.

She started crying on the phone. My mother-in-law is a great woman and I love and respect her dearly. She is not known however, to be an overly emotional type or to cry easily – I on the other hand can be an instant hot mess whether the story is a sad or happy one. I knew this was cutting her deeply when she could hardly get a word out. I asked for her to stop with the details as I couldn’t bear hearing another word. I was bawling my eyes out and my stomach turned into immediate mush.

What about the parents, families, friends and colleagues? How must they be feeling, especially as we head toward the holidays and Christmas? I cannot imagine or fathom their grief, torment, rage and confusion. I cannot imagine any of it. I feel sick for them all – the victims and families left behind. I feel, feel, feel and that’s why right now, I cannot know the details. I am so terribly sorry and empathetic for all those horribly and involuntarily involved in the slaying at Sandy Hook.

The shocking and disturbing truth is that a tragedy like this, could happen anywhere at anytime. It could have happened to anyone of us. That is what scares me.

Look at the power of a gun and an unstable mind! Look at the loss and devastation a gun has caused!

Why did this happen?

Why has this happened all too many times in our world and community?

What is it going to take for this to stop?

There are unfortunately way too many questions and not enough answers…

My heart goes out to all that have suffered and are suffering. I am so sorry.