Robin Williams & Woody Allen in one New York day

by Ljubenka

Today I was rushing out my apartment door, heading for the subway to take me into Manhattan for an audition/casting when I suddenly looked up and saw Robin Williams in front of me. He was filming a movie and they were doing take after take for the three minutes I stood there taking a couple of pictures for you. How wonderfully random – New York style.

Brooklyn - Robin Williams shooting a scene

Brooklyn – Robin Williams shooting a scene

Brooklyn - Robin Williams taking a break

Brooklyn – Robin Williams taking a break

I was on my way to an audition/casting for a Woody Allen film. The part I was going for was titled “French Woman” – yes, I know I’m not French however, there were two lines in French that I knew and could say well without feeling like a goose. We shall see!

NYC - Fulton Street subway stop

NYC – Fulton Street subway stop (where I got off)

I walked into ZuZu Productions downtown, located in the Financial District and it’s a seriously big production house. The staff was buzzing everywhere and a charming guy called Ivan came up to me and settled me in to the waiting room. There were two other lovely straight-sized models/actors who were tall, beautiful and had accents (none of them were French by the way). Perhaps, the role would welcome any foreign accent – mine included? Here’s hoping.

I walked in to the recording room with Todd who was clearly loving his casting job today. He too was charming and happy. How nice to see people enjoying themselves and what they do for work. Todd asked me about myself and we had a one reading run-through without being recorded. He was satisfied with what we did and proceeded to record me on video for the second reading. It went smoothly so I was pleased.

Even though I’m not an actress nor have I ever claimed to be one, my many years in front of the camera as a model, shooting numerous TV commercials and studying drama in both high school and university have enabled me to be comfortable and natural at castings and auditions. Thank goodness I didn’t have to learn ten pages of script off by heart  – that would have been a different story!

NYC - ZuZu Productions in the Financial District

NYC – ZuZu Productions in the Financial District

When I walked out of the room, there were two more tall, beautiful, straight-sized ladies waiting for their turn in front of Todd and the video recorder. I smiled to myself and tried to guess their accents. I’m certain that these lovely women originated from Russia or the Eastern Block. What happened to the French chick? How cool would it be to have a role, no matter how small in a Woody Allen film?! Bring it on.