Welcome to my world!

by Ljubenka

This is... Me!

‘Wow’ and ‘hi’… My first post on my blog ‘Hold the Glamour’. I’m rather nervous and super excited at the same time. Welcome to my world!

I hope to share with you moments and snippets of my world, life, family, career and the everyday… That my days really aren’t as glam as one might imagine and that there isn’t only glamour in my life. There are many times I’m feeling the glamour and in some kind of glamour somewhere however, mostly, I’m a daughter, sister, wife and mother who works and travels for her work… All over the place in fact, a global citizen if you will.

I will no doubt express an opinion about most things… Good health and lifestyle, the protection and care of our children and the helpless in this world, environmental issues that are close to my heart, the eye-opening and exciting world of travel, what’s hot in a New York minute and let’s not forget fashion dahlink! and sexy, womanly curves! It’s all here at some point of my day, week or month.

This week has been a rather difficult one for me personally and emotionally as my husband Steve and daughter Mila are in Hawaii (I KNOW). To be honest, I’m not used to being the one at home whilst members of my family are away. There is a definite shift that happens and our home is SO quiet and different. Levi (our two-year old son) & I miss them terribly however, they are having the times of their lives. Their photos and videos prove it.

Anyway, Steve is an artist & singer/songwriter and he has an art exhibition commencing on March 31 (our darling Mila’s fourth birthday). If you happen to be in Kailua, HI (Oahu) on the evening or during the month of April, feel free to stop by MU’UMU’U Heaven (a must see fashion retail experience) and check out Steve’s collection of contemporary pieces. Let’s not forget you’ll visit a dynamic fashion brand of fun-loving and vintage-loving clothes, home decor & accessories. I have many pieces in my wardrobe and home to talk about.

In the meantime, Levi and I are kicking back in the big apple, enjoying the freakishly warm spring-like weather in New York. We are partying with the best of the four-year old’s born in the spring of the Northeast as we go from one household to another on our weekends… It’s one, big, two-day event at a time.

Here’s to glamourous events in our lives!