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2013 – Spring and fall fashion key trends

I realise it might sound insane and somewhat crazy to be discussing and writing about fashion trends, hits and predictions for a season so many months away however, that is fashion darlink! It works months in advance.

Today I spent some time perusing my fashion magazines – Vogue, Harper’s, Glamour and the industry bible, WWD (Women’s Wear Daily) and pre-fall 2013 is heading in a very modern and graphic direction from what I can see.

Black, white and brown feature regularly amongst the designs that are rather clean. Leather gets paired up with silk. Some of the other fabrics designers are using include nylon, mesh, spandex, cotton, polyester and fur.


For a season a little closer to now, spring 2013 is in stores for maximum exposure. A simple colour palette is key. Red, white and navy are oh so chic. White is so hot and one of the simple neutrals that are very popular for the next season in line. A simple shape is also key for spring, especially in a sexy snake-skin.

Pastels are a key trend for this spring. These pieces always look great when paired up with cute black shorts or a pencil skirt. Ruffles and asymmetric hemlines unfold a fun-filled fancy.

Leather rocks the winter away and stripes command a presence still… For how many seasons now? I personally love stripes. It is very me.

Two other trends to note for the warmer months to come are geometric patterns and shapes and finally, springtime florals that burst into bloom.


Whatever your season, colour, design, size or shape – there is something for everyone. Spring and fall, summer and winter – there is a reason and season to shop and spend.

What trends do you love for spring and fall?

What are you looking forward to wearing in the coming months?

What predictions of your own do you have?

Vogue, airports and Film noir

New York – final touches before I get on set


Canada – I love shoes and these were HOT!


Canada – self-portrait after hair & make-up


Congratulations to Vogue magazine! Last week they banned models who are too-skinny and under the age of 16  from its beautiful pages. According to Conde Nast International, “the 19 editors of Vogue magazines around the world made a pact to project the image of healthy models.”

Well done indeed! I certainly applaud the changes and welcome a healthy beauty being promoted, regardless of one’s size (as long as it fits in to a healthy range). This is an industry first and hopefully others will follow suit sooner rather than later.

Also last week, I worked away in New York City. Had fun and laughs with some wonderful people in the industry who I’ve become friends with. We made fashion magic happen.

Towards the end of the week, I flew to Canada for a few days. I finished up on one of my days in the city and headed straight to La Guardia airport only to discover there were only two flights that afternoon/evening on American Airlines. One of the flights left as I was approaching the check-in counter, the other was departing in four-and-a-half hours. OMG!!! Not happy.

I sat in the club lounge making calls, emailing etc. then thought I’d ask if the newly remodeled lounge had a shower. It did. So I washed my hair and had a shower at La Guardia airport in the Admirals Club Lounge. I never would have thought that I’d be one of ‘those’ people however, you got to do what you got to do and secondly, the shower was clean and new. I readied myself for work the next day (thanks goodness I had my Havaianas with me)! It was going to save me 45 minutes once I checked in to my hotel at 11.30pm. It was late enough and a long day of work and travel.

The shoot was amazing and terribly exciting. I spent my day’s shooting for catalogue that looked like it was an editorial out of a magazine. Film noir move over. I cannot wait to see the Fall catalogue come out. I love it when I can play and act out a theme… play a part if you will. It is refreshing and it certainly looked very glamourous.

After my busy week of work, I spent a further two hours at the airport waiting for my flight home to New York. Thank goodness for my Ipad that not only kept me busy but entertained.

I came home late on Saturday night to my wonderful husband, a glass of red wine and a delicious meal that he had prepared for us. A perfect finish indeed.