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Not another snow storm in NYC!

Yesterday I returned to New York after being on the road traveling and working in rainy San Francisco and cloudy Europe this last week or so. I feel so lucky I made it back to the Big Apple in time.

Today is another story — up to 9.5 inches of snow, sleet and ice has accumulated in Central Park since midnight. The sixth snow storm pounds the area for the season and late tonight the experts are predicting an additional 2-4 inches — really?

NYC - the snow keeps coming

NYC – the snow keeps coming

New York City has almost doubled its average in snow totals this winter and it’s not over yet. The average accumulations in Central Park are approximately 25 inches and as of yesterday the city has had 45.5 inches of snow dumped since December.

This winter is going down as one of the top 10 worst in history. Weather like this affects so many people and businesses nationally.

Some 50,000 flights have been cancelled or rescheduled this year alone due to winter weather snow storms, not to forget mass transportation — buses, trains and the NYC subway are also affected today. It’s incredible.

NYC - snow totals 9.5 inches today

NYC – snow totals 9.5 inches today

For someone who travels around the world for my business and career relying on trains, planes, airports and schedules to be on time and operating, it can be crippling, frustrating, stressful and dangerous to say the least.

I just managed to escape being stranded this time as I’ve fortunately done so many other times (delays are-a-plenty). Thousands today aren’t so lucky — I truly feel for them.

It’s cold, you don’t have a bed to sleep in, the hotels are all booked out, your competing with others simply to get home, stranded for days in most cases and there are no answers and solutions to help you make sense of Mother Nature.

This harsh winter has simply been brutal — New Yorker’s are over it and for the 3300 flight cancellations simply today, spring can’t come soon enough. Bring on the sunshine and above freezing temperatures. New York is ready for it.

Have you been stranded at an airport or city due to weather cancellations before? If so, do tell.

What’s the worst story you’ve heard?

What did you do to make it through?

Stayed tuned…

I’m currently sitting at Sydney international airport, waiting for my flight to Los Angeles and San Francisco. I have a few days of work on the West Coast of the USA which is always fun.

The weather is fabulous this time of year and I look forward to eating at my favourite Japanese restaurant in San Francisco.

I’ve been shooting on location for Ezibuy this past week and will return to Sydney in a few days to finish the Holiday shoot. I wore these great harem-type pants in navy and black that I simply have to get.

Mid-week, I’m shooting a TV commercial in Australia so it’s busy times indeed. I love it.

I have some great pics to share with you and will have plenty more in my next post.

Stay tuned…


Did someone say retail therapy?

There is nothing like some retail therapy to make you feel good. I don’t go shopping often however, when I do I’m in the mood for a few new things.

San Francisco - Union Square

San Francisco – Union Square

I recently returned from San Francisco and after my shoot, I went along to Union Square for some shopping. There were a lot of people from all over the world spending money and taking advantage of one sale or another. Whether it be high-end or mainstream — it was busy!

San Francisco - Saks Fifth Avenue & Tiffany & Co.

San Francisco – Saks Fifth Avenue & Tiffany & Co.

Hotels and retail stores line the Square and the tourists and travelers are everywhere. Did someone say there was an economic crisis going on? You’d never know in San Fran! It was crowded and I persevered — I’m not a huge fan of crowds, ever! As a result, I tend to move through the stores fast. I know what I like and what I’m looking for so off I go.

San Fran - H&M store in Union Square

San Fran – H&M store in Union Square

In H&M I bought a light blue blouse and some clothes for Mila and Levi. A little bit of fun and colour for my babies — coming in to a change of seasons.

H&M store Union Square

H&M store Union Square

At Gap, I bought some basic t-shirts and a navy top — I’m really into blue at the moment and can’t get enough of the colour.

Gap store in Union Square San Fran - Denim America

Gap store in Union Square San Fran – Denim America

At UNIGLO, I bought two pairs of slim, stretchy jeans that I’m loving and wearing right now — they were on sale too!

I’m feeling good about my purchases and I didn’t have to spend a fortune to get a few new pieces I can mix and match with my existing wardrobe.

What have you bought recently that you are loving?

What are some of your favourite retail stores & why?

Do you prefer to shop online or buy directly from the store?

Do you try the clothes on before you buy (when you can)?

Never take it for granted

I just returned from a shoot in San Francisco. I love this US city and there is something special and different about San Fran from most other places I visit.

San Francisco - Just landed and heading  directly to my fitting

San Francisco – Just landed and heading directly to my fitting

You can blindfold me before getting off an aircraft and I just know whether I’m on the east or west coast of America. On the west coast, the skies are bluer and clearer (or so they seem) — there is a feeling of space, clarity and nature. I love the difference between the coasts.

San Francisco - The skies are blue and vast

San Francisco – The skies are blue and vast

As my plane was descending and about to land, I looked outside my window and saw the Asiana Airlines Flight 214 that crashed upon landing, lying on the runway, only days before my arrival.

I was shocked to see it, seeing the plane in real life — what made headlines all over the world for days on end was now staring up at me as I flew over it.

It was so surreal and strange as I stared out the window. I was reminded how precious life is and how blessed I feel with the all the traveling I do.

San Francisco Airport

San Francisco Airport

To all those involved and affected by this horrible tragedy, my thoughts and condolences go out to you. I am deeply sorry.

San Francisco sessions

I recently returned from San Francisco, CA were I was working on a shoot with a new client. I flew the six hours it takes to get to the west coast from New York and I must say, I love San Fran! It has been over ten years since I was there last. I have missed it. The sun, blue skies and mild winter weather welcomed me with open arms. I could live in San Francisco in a heartbeat. I really enjoy the west coast of the USA.

Once on the ground, I caught a cab and checked into my downtown hotel. I stayed at the Hotel Diva and I’m sure the hotel has seen many a Diva walk the hallways. The small boutique hotel was clean, comfortable and the staff were helpful and friendly. I requested a ‘quiet’ room and fortunately got one. Sometimes it is hard to get such a room in a place like this.

I slept really well – the bed was so comfortable I barely moved. I love a good, big, comfy bed and the right pillows are crucial. I slept with four body pillows of a soft to medium firmness. Just right! I was in heaven.

I caught up with one of the two models I was working with – Molly, in the foyer of the hotel. We shared a cab to the studio where we were shooting the following day. We had a fitting for our outfits to ensure they fit correctly and properly. Tailors were on hand to have the clothes fit our bodies. Not too many clients do this these days unless it’s an advertising job, campaign or the client simply has a good budget.

San Francisco - Ivana, Molly and I at our fitting

San Francisco – Ivana, Molly and I at our fitting

San Francisco - the clothes on the rack for the eight day shoot

San Francisco – the clothes on the racks for the eight-day shoot

After our fitting was done, Molly and I went to Tan Bella for a spray tan. The client wanted our skin tone to be a little warmer (colour) so off we went inside our very own spray tan booths. We were instructed how to stand and position our bodies in four different poses to ensure an even coverage all over.

San Francisco - Tan Bella for a spray tan

San Francisco – Tan Bella for a spray tan

A machine sprayed me for the first time and it was a very good and even tan. There was no bronzer applied with the tan so it didn’t rub off onto our clothes etc. We kept the tan on overnight and showered in the morning so it could process. We had to keep the spray tan on for at least six hours.

I have a client who requests a spray tan all the time, and usually a woman with a spray gun applies the tan and instructs you how to stand and move inside a little room. The tan from Tan Bella is hands down the best I’ve ever had anywhere in the world. I was impressed.

Molly and I return to our hotel not long after. I call my family and say good night to my angels – there is a three-hour time zone difference from the west and east coasts of America so I had to call before their bedtime.

Then, Ivana and I step out for a quick and yummy dinner in a nearby Japanese restaurant. It was delicious and it was lovely to have company and someone to share the experience.

The next day, the shoot goes smoothly and the very large production team are happy with our progress and results. I shoot single shots of my outfits then doubles with either Molly or Ivana and then finally the client wants options with the three of us in the same shot. The more models in a shot, the longer the shot takes and the more frames you have to take, generally speaking. You see, three of us have to look good in the same image which is harder than one might think.

San Francisco - Hans our photographer is all smiles during our shoot

San Francisco – Hans our photographer is all smiles during our shoot

We finish early and the three of us head straight to the airport hoping to catch the last flight of the afternoon, before the red-eye flights we are booked on, heading to the east coast. We don’t make it and that’s just what happens sometimes. I just go with it.

San Francisco - Molly, me and Ivana on our way to the airport

San Francisco – Molly, me and Ivana on our way to the airport

The American Airlines terminal at San Francisco airport is one of the cleanest, nicest, newest, widest I’ve ever seen! As I passed through security, I spotted a Yoga Room inside the terminal! Are you kidding? I have never seen a Yoga Room in an airport before… Welcome to the west coast people! I love it.

San Francisco - the Yoga Room at American Airlines terminal

San Francisco – the Yoga Room at American Airlines terminal

I sat in the Airline lounge comfortably waiting for my 10.40pm flight to New York. I ordered a meal from one of the organic/natural deli’s in the terminal. It was so up my alley. There was fresh, healthy food choices every where I looked. I wish all airport terminals were like this one. It was so civilised.

San Francisco - American Airlines terminal

San Francisco – American Airlines terminal

San Francisco - American Airlines terminal

San Francisco – American Airlines terminal

What amazing or crazy things have you seen in your travels?

What airport terminals do you love to frequent? Why?

What suggestions or recommendations do you have for better services inside airports?