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Not another snow storm in NYC!

Yesterday I returned to New York after being on the road traveling and working in rainy San Francisco and cloudy Europe this last week or so. I feel so lucky I made it back to the Big Apple in time.

Today is another story — up to 9.5 inches of snow, sleet and ice has accumulated in Central Park since midnight. The sixth snow storm pounds the area for the season and late tonight the experts are predicting an additional 2-4 inches — really?

NYC - the snow keeps coming

NYC – the snow keeps coming

New York City has almost doubled its average in snow totals this winter and it’s not over yet. The average accumulations in Central Park are approximately 25 inches and as of yesterday the city has had 45.5 inches of snow dumped since December.

This winter is going down as one of the top 10 worst in history. Weather like this affects so many people and businesses nationally.

Some 50,000 flights have been cancelled or rescheduled this year alone due to winter weather snow storms, not to forget mass transportation — buses, trains and the NYC subway are also affected today. It’s incredible.

NYC - snow totals 9.5 inches today

NYC – snow totals 9.5 inches today

For someone who travels around the world for my business and career relying on trains, planes, airports and schedules to be on time and operating, it can be crippling, frustrating, stressful and dangerous to say the least.

I just managed to escape being stranded this time as I’ve fortunately done so many other times (delays are-a-plenty). Thousands today aren’t so lucky — I truly feel for them.

It’s cold, you don’t have a bed to sleep in, the hotels are all booked out, your competing with others simply to get home, stranded for days in most cases and there are no answers and solutions to help you make sense of Mother Nature.

This harsh winter has simply been brutal — New Yorker’s are over it and for the 3300 flight cancellations simply today, spring can’t come soon enough. Bring on the sunshine and above freezing temperatures. New York is ready for it.

Have you been stranded at an airport or city due to weather cancellations before? If so, do tell.

What’s the worst story you’ve heard?

What did you do to make it through?

Life after Hurricane Sandy

Red Hook, Brooklyn - A business/warehouse has lost it all

Red Hook, Brooklyn – A business/warehouse has lost it all

It really is difficult to fathom such a catastrophe as Hurricane Sandy, even if you did experience it or something like it. My family and I are safe, dry and warm. We suffered very little if any damage to our home. We are so thankful and feel blessed to have escaped the wrath of the storm. Wild winds partially tore down a side of our courtyard fence however, it is nothing compared to what hundreds of thousands of residents in the area endured and experienced. My heart goes out to all of them. For them, I am truly sorry.

A full-on recovery drive is on and the clean-up has begun! New Yorker’s are pulling it together and donating their time, food, supplies etc. to assist those that need it most. Everyone I know in our neighbourhood is helping in some way. There are so many areas affected by Sandy with the closest to our home being Red Hook – all of it is on the waterfront and in Zone A (mandatory evacuation zone). We are giving them all we can.

Brooklyn - a local playground is locked up as trees are uprooted and unstable

Brooklyn – a local playground is locked up as trees are uprooted and unstable

So many of the local playgrounds are still closed because trees were uprooted and have become unstable. There is debris everywhere and it’s simply going to take a long time to get to all of it. The city departments are inundated with calls and requests – where does one start?

There was very little escape from the reality and destruction of this storm. Even the terrorist attacks of September 11 didn’t manage to successfully mobilise the city like Hurricane Sandy has. Mother Nature is reminding us who is in charge.

Last week was a weird and surreal time with all four of us home 24/7. Kids at home from school, no trains running or airports open therefore work had to be rescheduled. So many businesses below 39th Street didn’t get their power back on until the weekend. The city was at a standstill. Everything seemed frozen and on hold. You couldn’t really leave your local area.

Brooklyn - trees fell down like toy soldiers

Brooklyn – Trees fell down like toy soldiers

Brooklyn - the day after Sandy hits our neighborhood

Brooklyn – The day after Sandy hits our neighborhood

Brooklyn - This car is holding up the tree

Brooklyn – This car is holding up the tree

Brooklyn - The clean-up begins

Brooklyn – The clean-up begins

I love to see people pulling together, helping each other out so selflessly and unconditionally. I am so proud of the city that I live in. It is resilient and strong. It bounces back and some. It carries on and moves forward. It becomes a unified force. That’s why New York has a pulse of its own that you see and feel every time you are in the city’s presence.

Have you ever experienced such a storm or force of nature? I would love to hear about it.