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I am a full-figure model and working mother. I am a wife, a sister, a daughter, a friend. I am a Leo. I am a first-generation Aussie and mother to two amazing little native New Yorkers. I believe that fashion is important—but so is real life. I believe that all women are beautiful and strong. I believe in working hard and loving harder. I believe in eating delicious food and drink with close friends, in breathing deep the air of new places, in laughing until you cry. I believe that when our bodies and minds are healthy and balanced, anything is possible.

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Shooting for Modern Curve by Ezibuy

Last week the crew and I finished shooting the autumn catalogue for Modern Curve by Ezibuy in Sydney.

Keep an eye out for a great pair of black-coated jeans, some cute rain coats and a studded black top I loved — very rock n’ roll indeed.

I have some behind-the-scene photos below.

Enjoy the rest of summer Southern Hemisphere and have safe fun in the sun!

A fabulous location house we shot in at Potts Point

A fabulous location house we shot in at Potts Point

We shot by the huge windows, getting beautiful light for our pictures

We shot by the huge windows, getting beautiful light for our pictures

It's another location day in Walsh Bay, with the talented Deb Bowen styling

It’s another location day at Walsh Bay, with the talented Deb Bowen styling

Modeling one of the cute rain coats I mentioned above

Modeling one of the cute rain coats I mentioned above

Deb Bowen making some final adjustments to my outfit

Deb Bowen making some final adjustments to my outfit

A make-shift studio was made to ensure we had beautiful light to shoot on such a grey day

A make-shift studio was made to ensure we had beautiful light to shoot on such a grey day

In the studio shooting one of the cover options

In the studio shooting one of the cover options

I love what Annette McKenzie has created with my hair -- it's a new fresh approach for Modern Curve

I love what Annette McKenzie has created with my hair — it’s a new fresh approach for Modern Curve

My messy but finished hair is my new personal favourite. I think we have started something Annette!

What hair style do you love most for yourself?

What is the craziest hair style you’ve had?

Do you like to change your hair colour or style often?

How to achieve great hair according to Annette McKenzie

I recently had a chat with my friend and longtime hair and make-up artist Annette McKenzie about great hair and how to achieve it. She shared some great tips with me and I simply had to pass the information on to you. Annette gets my hair looking fabulous, each and every time. She is a genius.

LM: 1. How long have you been doing hair and make-up?
AM: I’ve been doing my job for 27 (mostly) enjoyable years.

LM: 2. What is challenging about hair?
AM: There are no guarantees with hair. You can do the same thing two days running and get slightly different results. It’s always a work in progress.

LM: 3. What do you consider good hair to work with?
AM: Good hair is healthy, mid-length and lots of it, with some colour treatment (this gives good body and control). Hair that is uncoloured, or ‘virgin’ hair can be harder to work with as it doesn’t hold styles as well.

LM: 4. What five must-have products do you have in your kit?
AM: Five must-haves: A good blow dryer, a mid-sized round brush, hair spray, conditioning cream and clip in hair pieces.

LM: 5. What three must-have products should everyone reading this blog have at home?
AM: Three must-haves at home: A blow dryer, one styling product (to either curl or de-frizz or give body or straighten, depending on your hair type) and a good quality brush.

LM: 6. What hair brands if any, have been consistent over the years? Are you brand loyal?
AM: Elnet hair spray is a product I have used my entire career. I do use other hair sprays but I always use Elnet every day I work. I would be lost without it. I would be brand loyal if products stayed on the market. When I find something is working for me I’m happy to stay with it, but often they change the formulae or tweak the ingredients and rebrand it. Nothing is around for long anymore.

LM: 7. If you could create or come up with your own perfect hair product, what would it be and why?
AM: To get the best results with styling hair you have to layer products. A particular look might require volumising products to get body, gloss or conditioning cream for a healthy look and hair spray for hold. It would be great if one product did all. Imagine all those bottles you could throw away! One product would be liberating. However, I don’t think it’s that easy to do as many companies have tried unsuccessfully to market ‘all-in-one’ products… Hey, I can dream.

What hair secrets do you have that work for you?

What would you love to have help with when it comes to your hair?

What is your favourite hair product and why?

What can’t you live without?

Annette McKenzie and I at a shoot in Sydney

All in a New York day

Yesterday I went and had my hair highlighted and cut at Cutler salon on 57th Street in New York City with my hair angels, Ben Stewart and Jenny Balding.

Cutler Salon

It feels really good to have your hair done as far as I’m concerned. Hair can make all the difference with one’s appearance — if your hair is fabulous then a lot of other things can be forgiven and go unnoticed.

I also did a little shopping for my lips at MAC Cosmetics (they have good pigments for lips, cheeks and eyes). I needed some new nude/neutral lipsticks so MAC was a good place to start as any.

I purchased three shades of nude in Twig (my sister’s everyday favourite), Modesty and Viva Glam V. I’ve used Twig before and really like it so I’m excited to test out my two new shades.

MAC Cosmetics

After that, I popped in to see my agents to say hello and to discuss the bookings I have coming up around the globe. The office in Chelsea is light and bright. I love the location too – it’s central to all in Manhattan and Chelsea is a fantastic neighbourhood.

Next stop for me this week is Philadelphia and Chicago — homeward bound to pack my bags.

What do you like to wear on your lips — a gloss, lipstick or both at times?

Do you have a favourite brand or colour?

What makes a good ‘lippie’ in your opinion?

Hair, glorious hair!

Lucky for me, my parents gave me good hair. I have thin hair however, a lot of it. It really helps in my industry. My hair is worked on most days of the week so it’s important to have a lot of it and for it to be healthy and strong.

NYC - A hair piece

NYC – A hair piece

Many models and actors don’t have the same amount of hair as I do so they resort to hair extensions or hair pieces. I knew nothing of this until I moved to New York 11 years ago. It wasn’t something I had to deal with.

On occasion, when a client likes to use the wind machine and they love good hair, the hair and make-up artist will add some additional hair pieces to my own hair to fill in the gaps or the holes that the wind machine can create.

NYC - Bill Westmoreland taking my hair pieces out

NYC – Bill Westmoreland taking my hair pieces out

I love working with Bill Westmoreland. He is old-school and has been in the industry a long a time. He knows how to handle hair and make you look your best with the face and hair you were blessed with. Bill is an artist.

NYC - Bill Westmoreland and I

NYC – Bill Westmoreland and I

The hair pieces clip into your own hair after it has been back-combed a bit. It adds some tension for the clips to hold on to (not fun combing/brushing it out at the end of the day though). Then you are good to go.

I don’t feel the hair pieces in my hair until the end of the day when they start to get heavy and my head gets a little sore. I really don’t know how the girls who rely on their hair pieces or weaves can handle it after so long. Thank goodness it’s an added bonus for my look, not a necessity. I am one of the fortunate ones I have come to realise.

NYC - Liz Polden, me and Bill Westmoreland

NYC – Liz Polden (stylist), me and Bill Westmoreland (h&m)

My team of Liz and Bill are bar none! They are fabulous and make my day so easy and fun. I had a great day at work. Lucky me…

I’ll find out some of the best brands to buy to make life easier for you. In the meantime…

Have you ever worn hair pieces or hair extensions?

What did it feel like?

Do you know of any good places to have these hair pieces/extensions made up for you?

From New York to Sydney

I started this post in New York on Monday just prior to being picked up and taken to JFK airport. I had a plane to catch… I was on my way to Sydney, Australia to shoot for Sara, Ezibuy and due to ‘technical difficulties’ was unable to complete my post. So here we go, take two!

SoHo - Cutler Salon on West Broadway

SoHo – Cutler Salon on West Broadway

This morning I had my highlights done and I feel so much better. It had been a while. I went to Cutler Soho this time on West Broadway and had the wonderful Ben Stewart take care of me and my roots. I was in his chair by 9am and had to be… I had an international flight to catch. Ben highlighted one side of my hair then the other.  His assistant Jen rinsed one side then the other. It is a process and the colour takes time to develop. Ben can’t rush the process even though he knows I’m watching the clock constantly. I drive him crazy I’m sure.

SoHo - the very talented Ben Stewart highlighting my hair at Cutler Salon

SoHo – the very talented Ben Stewart highlighting my hair at Cutler Salon

It’s a mad dash home. I’m packed and ready to go so I shower, change and try to spend as much time with Steve and the kids as possible before Luis picks me up and drives me to JFK airport, Terminal 7. I’m flying with Qantas on QF108 from New York to Sydney, via Los Angeles. My journey to my parent’s place door-to-door is approximately 27 hours. It is very long indeed. I try to see it this way… I have something to look forward to at each end of my trip. When traveling to Australia I have my mum, sister, family and friends to see and returning home to New York I have Steve, Mila and Levi to rush home to.

It is certainly an adjustment being away from my sweet angels for almost two-and-a-half-weeks. It is an adjustment for us all in fact. We speak, email &/or text everyday and there’s a constant flow of pictures between my family in New York and me in Australia. We miss each other terribly.

So I leave on Monday night, am in transit on Tuesday and arrive in to Sydney on Wednesday. My first day is spent getting waxed, having a mani/pedi and catching up with family for an early dinner. My lights are out by 9.30pm. It is the deepest and sweetest of sleeps. I’m awake by 3am and drift off again by 5am. Don’t you love jet lag? What tricks do you have? Any tips to share?

My second day in the Land of Oz, I go and visit an aunt and uncle in the morning and after returning to mum’s for lunch I finally get to unpack and go through mail that has accumulated over the last three months since I was here last. Calls and emails take up most of my afternoon in the office before retiring by 9pm… Ready for my 6am start and day one of my Sara shoot in a studio in Sydney.