Loving the KOSMEA skin care range

Whilst in Australia recently, a dear friend gave me the KOSMEA radiance 24/7 youth boost as a gift. She too is very much into putting natural/organic products on her skin and highly recommended the product she loved and used on her face.

I use the oil (2-3 drops over a moistened face) most nights and I especially love it when traveling. It smells yummy too which is important to me.

KOSMEA Australia - natural/organic skin care range

KOSMEA Australia – natural/organic skin care range

Since then, my lovely mother-in-law kindly gave me the KOSMEA starter pack as a gift (aren’t I lucky?). I especially love the hydrating rosewater mist, skin clinic and the rescue balm products.

I can’t seem to hydrate my skin enough these days with all the travel I do and the different climates I’m putting my body and skin through in any one month.

You can find out more about KOSMEA and their broad skin care range below… Enjoy!


What skin care range do you use and why?

What are some standout products you simply can’t live without?

Is organic/natural important to you?