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Who and what is Warby Parker?

NYC - Warby Parker

NYC – Warby Parker

Over the weekend, my dear and gorgeous friend Wendy Brooks and I visited a store called Warby Parker for the first time. The store is located in the Meatpacking District of New York City.

Warby Parker - a vast selection of frames

Warby Parker – a vast selection of frames

Warby Parker sells prescription eyewear and prescription sunglasses and it offers appointments with a board qualified optometrist on site, all at unbelievable prices and with a lot of style.

Warby Parker - vintage-inspired frames

Warby Parker – vintage-inspired frames

The vintage-inspired prescription eyewear starts at $95 for most of the frames catering to both men and women.

An eye test costs $50 and the wait time for an appointment is about 4 – 7 days to see the eye doc.

Warby Parker - Wall to wall stylish frames

Warby Parker – Wall to wall stylish frames

The glasses take approximately 10 business days to be sent anywhere in the USA. They don’t unfortunately ship outside of the States at the moment.

The gorgeous Wendy Brooks & I in 'Crosby' frames

The gorgeous Wendy Brooks & I in ‘Crosby’ frames

Wendy and I had so much fun trying on all the different frames. We both ended up in the style called ‘Crosby’ — me in the black pair and Wendy in the burgundy/dark red pair. It was a hoot trying on all the styles and the colours the frames came in.

Have you ever been to Warby Parker? If so, what was your experience like?

What frame style did you like most?

If you wear prescription eyewear, what do you pay for a new pair on average?


Mascara madness

You might know me well enough by now to know that I LOVE a great mascara. It opens up and frames your eye beautifully and every women should invest in a great eyelash curler and mascara. That is my humble opinion.

Well, I found myself a new one today. Whilst on a shoot, the hair & make-up artist pulled out a brand new mascara and I loved it! It’s by Maybelline New York and it’s called “The Falsies Volum’ Express”. It’s a purple/magenta colour with light blue writing on it. Please see the link below for more details. It’s not new to Maybelline however, it was new to me. It gives good lash.


What mascara do you love?

Are you loyal to any brand and if so, why?

What in your opinion makes a good mascara?