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I am a full-figure model and working mother. I am a wife, a sister, a daughter, a friend. I am a Leo. I am a first-generation Aussie and mother to two amazing little native New Yorkers. I believe that fashion is important—but so is real life. I believe that all women are beautiful and strong. I believe in working hard and loving harder. I believe in eating delicious food and drink with close friends, in breathing deep the air of new places, in laughing until you cry. I believe that when our bodies and minds are healthy and balanced, anything is possible.

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What’s one of my favourite meals?

I love my food… Especially healthy, yummy and tasty meals. Most of my friends know me to have some version of this meal I’m about to share with you most days of the week.

Tonight for dinner, I made my simple, quick, healthy and easy meal as can been seen below.

Smoked Salmon Wrap

Smoked Salmon Wrap

What do you need I hear you ask?

First, buy a wrap or tortilla base (I usually buy organic and gluten-free whenever I can). Then sprinkle your favourite shredded cheese, then add a decent spread of baby spinach, then add some smoked salmon and finally some red onion for extra flavour if that’s your thing.

Make sure you have a large frypan that’s set on medium heat. Once you place your wrap or tortilla on it with your topping of choice, be sure to cook it on the stove for approximately 10-15 mins (depending on the base and ingredients). You want your meal to be warm and cooked.

I tend to vary the protein on my wrap for example, I add grilled fish, tuna, beans, eggs or a veggie burger. You can add chicken or beef too… The options and variations are endless.

What do you whip up that’s quick, easy and healthy?

What meals can you make in less than 15mins?


Well, our Thanksgiving dinner was a success I am thrilled to report. The six hours I spent labouring over dishes and prep the day before was certainly worth it. Standing on your feet in virtually one place is no joke. I was exhausted that day, having flown in at midnight the night before – it was all systems go!

As I have learn’t, there are traditional meals that go with the traditional turkey and this was my maiden journey into the most celebrated American holiday. Everyone I know that is from America, takes this traditional holiday very seriously. They will fly, drive or train it ‘home’ for four days – where ever that may be. Or they will celebrate it with those closest to them. This is what I have observed over the years of living in the U.S. of A. Fortunately for us, we had some of our dearest friends spend the afternoon and evening with us.

Brooklyn - Our Thanksgiving table

Brooklyn – Our Thanksgiving table

I had some wonderful guidance from my American friends (you know who you are so thank you) and they guided me into uncharted waters of green beans, corn pudding, home-made stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potato and of course the bird which my darling husband Steve took care of. Martha Stewart’s recipes featured heavily on this festive day and I must say, her recipes are easy, spot on and delicious.

I can’t believe the amount of butter these Thanksgiving dishes require. I wouldn’t go through that amount in a month or two! No wonder everyone complains afterwards of overeating and over-stuffing themselves. Why would you one day or two knowingly in a year? Why wouldn’t you I hear other’s say? I personally don’t get it. It was just another yummy meal in my life. It is as always, each to their own.

Steve also bought me and took care of my lobster that you see sitting on the table (not traditional Thanksgiving fare). I don’t eat meat. I’m a pescatarian which means, I only eat seafood. I have done this since my late teenage years and it is how I like to eat and live my life.

Anyway, Steve brined our organic turkey 24 hours prior ( I knew nothing of this) and prepped it before popping it into the oven (which took four hours to cook by the way). The verdict came in from our American friends and they loved it. I was so pleased and delighted that all our effort and trouble was worth it. It was a steep learning curve for me and I like to be challenged in positive ways.

What are your thoughts about eating a turkey?

Do you prefer it over another bird or meat? If so, why?

As always, I welcome your thoughts and experiences.

Steve Northeast plays in the Village

There’s nothing like a mid-week excuse to step out in the city for dinner and drinks with friends, especially when there is great entertainment to experience.

If anyone is in New York City tomorrow night (Wednesday, October 10), my husband Steve Northeast is playing at The Cornelia Street Cafe in the Village at 8.30pm with two members of his band.

Please visit the venues website for further details www.corneliastreetcafe.com

Be sure to come and say ‘hello’ if you do pop in… It’s worth the show!