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Samartis + Ducker

Sydney - Samartis + Ducker photographic studio opening

Sydney – Samartis + Ducker photographic studio opening

Last night I was invited to the opening of Samartis + Ducker’s photographic studio opening in Sydney. I met Jeremy Ducker for the first time last year and was introduced to his lovely and charming wife Leona Edmiston – a successful Australian fashion designer.

Dijana Mulhearn & I share a selfie at the opening

Dijana Mulhearn & I share a selfie at the opening

Nick Samartis is an international photographer now residing in Sydney with his family. He and Jeremy have collaborated and produced this beautiful space where you have the choice of a small white set/stage and a gorgeous interior for additional shot options all in the one large area. They have done a great job.

The studio

The photographic studio

The party started at 6.30pm and guests mingled outside the studio entrance. After an hour or so, everyone moved inside to continue their toasting and kind exchanges.

The crowd is growing

The crowd is growing

Dijana & I having a laugh

Dijana & I having a laugh

Many celebrities turned out in support of the opening. They included DJ Damon Downey who was spinning some fabulous tunes inside the studio. It was hard not to notice the music or his über cool outfit (black tux with black Bermuda shorts). Channeling Pharrell Williams at the recent Oscars perhaps?

The food was like a medieval feast

The food was like a medieval feast

The food table was simply amazing — nobody dared go near it for a long time. Once a couple of game and brave guests had a go, the rest soon followed. You couldn’t make your way to the food after a while — people were busy stuffing their faces and I couldn’t blame them!

The mezze table was irresistible

The mezze table was irresistible

Wait staff waltzed around the party with delicious finger food, canapes and an assortment of drinks.

Danielle Spencer was one of the many guests who attended

Danielle Spencer was one of the many guests who attended

Other familiar faces that attended the opening include Danielle Spencer, Peter Mochrie and Deborah Hutton.

It was a successful night in my opinion — wherever there is laughter there is fun and wonderful memories.


Who in the world doesn’t love SPANX?

A few days ago I saw an interview with Sara Blakely — what an amazing inventor, creator and godsend to women and men around the world she is. I love her!

Sara Blakely is the woman who founded the mega brand SPANX that can be purchased or sent to most countries around the world.

What celebrity hasn’t worn SPANX? They flash each other and share with us, their SPANX undergarment love affair like it’s a piece of jewelry.

I have them and I love wearing my SPANX under dresses and skirts especially — even for work I get my SPANX on.

SPANX has a huge range of body shapers, bras, panties, leg wear, apparel, swim, active wear and there’s even SPANX for men.

What an incredible story Sara has. See the link below for more details and information.


What I love most about Sara Blakely is the fact she gives back to women through her own foundation. ‘She signed “The Giving Pledge”, giving half her wealth away to charities that focus on empowering women’.

This is phenomenal in my book. What an inspiring women indeed to share her wealth and knowledge with other women who are struggling and trying to make something of themselves. I love that Sara is giving back — that she is able and willing to do so makes her a superstar in my book. See more below –


Have you heard about SPANX?

Do you own any pieces from the SPANX brand? If so, which pieces do you swear by?

What women inspire you and in which ways?