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I am a full-figure model and working mother. I am a wife, a sister, a daughter, a friend. I am a Leo. I am a first-generation Aussie and mother to two amazing little native New Yorkers. I believe that fashion is important—but so is real life. I believe that all women are beautiful and strong. I believe in working hard and loving harder. I believe in eating delicious food and drink with close friends, in breathing deep the air of new places, in laughing until you cry. I believe that when our bodies and minds are healthy and balanced, anything is possible.

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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mother’s out there in the world. I hope you have a wonderful day, spent with your loved and treasured ones. May today be a reminder of the amazing and brilliant things you do, everyday. Enjoy!

We are running out the door for the day however, I wanted to let you know it’s a beautiful, sunny day in Brooklyn. I have made sure to put my L’OREAL Revitalift Miracle Blur on my face after my Weleda Skin Food moisturiser. It has a SPF30 sunscreen in it – I don’t want to get burnt and I want to look my best. This stuff rocks my world and my face!

We are about to go and have brunch at our local, favourite place Bar-Tabac, then we are heading to Manhattan – on Broadway to see The Lion King. We are all so excited and what better way to spend Mother’s Day, than with my precious family that I love and adore.

It’s all about slowing down to smell the roses…

Have a fabulous day, wherever you are in the world!

Happy Holidays to you and yours

I hope your Christmas was fun and festive and your holiday season has been enjoyable and sane to some extent. Steve and I decided to have our Christmas at home in New York this year. Unfortunately, it didn’t snow.

On Christmas Eve, the four of us went along to see the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree (everyone else in New York had the same idea). We got a good look at the city all lit up and full of bright lights and colour that went as far as the eye could see. It was truly magical and in the spirit of the holidays. We were surprised however, at the size of the tree. Although it was BIG, Steve and I thought it would be bigger!

NYC - Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

NYC – Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

NYC - Angels at Rockefeller Centre

NYC – Angels at Rockefeller Center

We then walked (or should I say shuffled) along Fifth Ave towards uptown and saw the window displays of the department stores – Lord & Taylor, Saks Fifth Ave, Bergdorf Goodman and Barneys. The kids went nuts and it was difficult to say which one was better. What imagination these people have to create such art with an individual and unique vision and interpretation of Christmas. WOW!

The crowds were scary and police were everywhere. They were on foot, horseback and in patrol cars. After our afternoon and early evening in the city, we couldn’t wait to get home to the peace, calm, warmth and quiet of our home. We had to prepare for Santa’s arrival and for the big day itself.

Christmas morning was as exciting as it gets for the kids. Santa was generous and so was mummy and daddy. We had a lazy morning opening gifts then a delicious brunch. In the afternoon we had friends come over who were visiting from Australia. We had a lovely time eating and drinking and we were all so pleased we could spend such a special day together. Before we knew it, it was time to crawl into bed and put this day behind us for another year.

Our day was relaxed and special to us however, we missed our family back in Australia with whom we usually spend the holidays with. Christmas is about family and there’s nothing like celebrating Christmas with each other.

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

What did you get up to this year?

What traditions does your family participate in?

What makes Christmas special and magical for you?

Spring in Sydney

Sydney - Setting up on Coogee Beach

Sydney – Setting up on Coogee Beach

Since arriving in Sydney, Australia a week ago the fabulous spring weather has been nothing but delightful. I love it here at this time of year. The days are sunny and bright, the evenings still crisp and cool. I can smell and feel the change of season and there’s an excitement in the air. The time has come to shed your winter layers and get moving, going. A rebirth is around the corner.

Sydney - My change room on Coogee Beach

Sydney – My change room on Coogee Beach

Our shoot for Ezibuy goes well and we have great weather to prove it. We shoot in various suburbs in Sydney which include Coogee Beach, Seaforth, Dover Heights and the studio in Waterloo.

Sydney - Hello sunshine! Views from Dover Heights

Sydney – Hello sunshine! Views from Dover Heights

Our mornings start at 6.30am for hair and make-up, so that means my alarm goes off at 5am to ensure I’m at work on time. By lunchtime we are well and truly in to our day and by 9pm I fall into my bed exhausted, more than ready to rest and be still.

Sydney - Studio day with a hair & make-up change

Sydney – Studio day with a hair & make-up change

Location days are generally more difficult than shooting in the studio. You have weather, sun, reflection, equipment to maneuver and light to consider and work around. In the studio, it’s a controlled environment. You can change the background and adjust the lighting depending on whether you are shooting full length, waist-up or waist-down. I like mixing up my days in studio and on location.

Sydney - Time to bring on the glamour

Sydney – Time to bring on the glamour

I manage to have some down time with a dear friend of mine and her family on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and we have brunch at The Boathouse Palm Beach (my first time). The views are spectacular, the food is delicious (fresh Australian cuisine) and the atmosphere is beachside and truly relaxed. It is a must on your Sydney agenda and worth the 45 min drive north.

Sydney - Views from The Boathouse Palm Beach

Sydney – Views from The Boathouse Palm Beach

Sydney - Lying on the grass soaking up the sun after our brunch at The Boathouse

Sydney – Lying on the grass soaking up the sun after our brunch at The Boathouse

Now, I return to my annual tax return, filing, opening of mail and general office work. It’s the other side to my, ‘oh so glamourous’ life. Ha!

What are some of your favourite Sydney spots to live or visit?

Where is the best ‘brunch’ served in your opinion?

What makes or defines the best brunch?